Is this a correct verb: Irregularizing


Similar to regularizing, I want to use irregularizing however some dictionaries have no such word. Is that a correct suggestion?


We have found that regularizing the patterns in 'A' is possible by minimizing 'B' while minimizing 'C' can irregularize the patterns in 'A'.


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Not sure if it'll fit your needs... how about irregulate?

– Nico – 2014-07-15T19:20:37.280

1Could you provide some context and an idea of what you intend regularizing/irregularizing to mean? – Obfuskater – 2014-07-15T19:32:17.403

See the updated post – mahmood – 2014-07-15T19:36:18.897



Although irregulate could fit the given example, a quick search in Google's n-gram viewer shows its usage as a verb is rare in recent times.

I would suggest disrupt or distort as an alternative:

We have found that regularizing the patterns in 'A' is possible by minimizing 'B', while minimizing 'C' can disrupt the patterns in 'A'.


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I agree with the answer and with the ever-so-needed comma. Without the comma, you have a garden path sentence.

– CoolHandLouis – 2014-07-15T20:19:47.850


See also It should perhaps be noted that irregulate/irregularize are not part of standard English at this time.

– CoolHandLouis – 2014-07-15T20:46:17.813

1Irregulate does seem nonstandard, but irregularize can be formed productively and I see no reason to suggest it's nonstandard. – snailplane – 2014-07-16T04:48:42.963

@snailplane: For some reason, I feel the meaning of "irregularise" is closer to "make something illegal", whereas "irregulate" feels closer to "disrupting a regular pattern". – Nico – 2014-07-16T09:25:16.617

@Nico Since I don't think irregulate can be standardly produced I'm not sure what it would mean, but to me irregularize clearly means "to make irregular". – snailplane – 2014-07-16T09:29:47.330


It seems like regularize has a mathematical meaning like "standardize" or "normalize." Look into the these terms since "destandardize" and "denormalize" seem to be legitimate terms.


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