Is "might" good here?


Is "might" good here? Could the sentence be phrased better?

I might be in a wheelchair, but I'm not going to let it stop me from chasing my dream.


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You could say "Though I am in a wheelchair, I won't let it stop me...", but the way you expressed it is good too.
"Though I am..." means that I am in a wheelchair now. "I might be in a wheelchair someday..." could be expressing a future possibility, but as you phrased it, it will be taken as meaning that I am in the wheelchair now.

Jack O'Flaherty

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google provides supporting examples google provides similar examples

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The short answer is that your sentence sounds totally normal and idiomatic to the average contemporary speaker (at least Br.Eng). For the long answer, you could delve into previous posts on might vs may here or on ELU stackexchange.


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Personally, I would prefer I may be in a wheelchair, as the speaker is in one. I would reserve might for hypothetical situations - If I hadn't landed on something soft, I might be in a wheelchair by now. – Kate Bunting – 2020-03-27T09:23:19.893