What are shortened names called in this specific context?


Recently I have started playing some games and noticed that people or groups of people used names differently from others. They use names that are shortened and sometimes capitalized together. This included names like NCLR which I think means nuclear? And others like dfnc which I don't know what it is. I have seen others also use Radctv, HYPRN, or UNDSCLSD.

What terms describe names like these? I have heard abbreviation and looked it up but it didn't seem right to me? Or maybe it is and I'm just over thinking it?

I just thought it was interesting and was wondering if this had a specific definition or meaning?


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1If NCLR is used to mean nuclear, then it's an abbreviation. Likewise, Radctv appears to be an abbreviation for radioactive and UNDSCLSD for undisclosed. I can't tell what the rest of them are supposed to be, but they're probably abbreviations as well. – Juhasz – 2020-03-24T23:02:11.833

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