What parts of word/sentence do native speakers pay attention to when reading/skimming articles?


Do you pay attention to verb conjugation or singular/plural forms of nouns when skimming articles? I am Chinese. I find that I tend to neglect the changes at the end of words unless I read very slow and force myself to pay special attention to the changes. I think this is mainly due to the fact that in Chinese there are no such changes in words to indicate time or quantity. I want to know when you speed-reading an article, what parts of words or sentences you will definitely not skip.

For instance, for the below sentence, if skimming I would only notice the parts in bold:

Rosenbaum had joined us to discuss how those ship sounds could affect Arctic wildlife and how the results of the study would help scientists track the impacts of climate change on Arctic ecosystems.

But in my mind, I don't picture the event was happened in the past and I also don't picture different kinds of "impacts" or "Arctic ecosystems".


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