How to ask for apologies when you have already sent an email by not pressing the reply to all feature?


Three days ago I replied to an email that I was in BCC list by pressing only reply to feature.Now I realized that I haven't pressed the reply to all feature,that I was supposed to do so.

Now I want to send another or the same email again by choosing reply to all.

How can I explain my mistake and convey my apologies?

This is what I wrote :

Dear.. I owe you an apology. On Friday 21th of February, when I replied to your email I made a mistake. Today when I opened my Gmail to send you the Xxx file that I had told you already about, I realized, I not only totally forgot that I were in bcc list but I also attached the Zzz file that was irrelevant to that email. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the mistake or omission that may cause you any inconvienece. I have already replied to that email in proper way. I promise it won't happen again. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Posted 2020-02-22T14:09:48.310

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Thank you so much for editing my post but it is bcc feature not BBC. – Sarina – 2020-02-22T17:08:06.707

.@Sarina I've submitted an edit to correct this – Easy Tiger – 2020-02-22T17:59:17.617

Thank you so much. – Sarina – 2020-02-23T09:39:02.917

You may have any idea on how can I explain my mistake and convey my apologies? – Sarina – 2020-02-23T09:40:21.400

As a matter of etiquette, you should never reply to a message you received by BCC. To do so is to betray the trust of the original sender, who did not wish that the ordinary recipients know that you received a copy. – djs – 2020-03-06T00:52:19.177

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