Alternate definition of "type up" in a historical context


I found an alternate use of "type up," and to my avail, I cannot find this use anywhere else online.

I saw this in a 1928 letter, with "type up with" meaning "meet the standards/requirements of"


Where are the areas within the States combining these physical features in preeminent proportions and at the same time typing up with National Park standards?


The State of Florida and particularly South Florida is to be congratulated in possessing within confines an area so distinctive in its unique physical interests and from the standpoint of human attractiveness as to type up fully with Uncle Sam's rigid specifications as National Park candidate.

When I looked up the phrase "type up" all I found was the standard "to input via a keyboard" literal definition. I wonder if this used to be more standard, or if it is simply a peculiarity of this specific writer.

Are there other examples of this? and can I use this myself?


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You are asking about "type up to" but the examples contain "type up with." Please clarify and, if possible, provide the full sentence or paragaph from the letter in question. – Gustavson – 2019-12-01T18:23:36.950

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