"me and the other" or "I and the other"?


this post says

I'm asking the same question as the linked one, I simply don't have enough reputation to comment yet, but hopefully, this one will more clearly explain what me and the other asker both mean

In this case, would "I" be better? or any other better expression?

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what me and the other asker both mean

This use is idiomatic if not strictly correct.

If you take out and the other asker the sentence becomes:

what me mean

Which as you can see, is terrible!

what I and the other asker both mean

This is better but I was always taught in school to use X and I

what the other asker and I both mean

I'm still not 100% sure about the position of both but either of the last two would not set my teeth on edge, and I would hear being used certainly in speech. (as a native BrE speaker)


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