How did "flavored" come to mean "distracted"?


There is a scene in the movie Beautiful Girls:

Marty: Are you OK?

Willie: Yeah. Yeah, I'm... Why?

Marty: You seem a little flavored today.

Willie: No! No, I'm cool.

Marty: Cool.

Willie: Yeah. So, tell me something. What do you kids...? What is it you do, kids your age, on the weekend?

Marty: Well, what we've been doing lately is smoking massive amounts of drugs, binging on Entenmann's and listening to Pink Floyd.

Willie: Really?

Marty: You are flavored today.

Willie: Oh, you're kidding?

Marty: The Entenmann's part was true.

Major dictionaries don't have this usage, so I turned to Urban Dictionary which lists it as "distracted, preoccupied, generally out-of-it, not lucid". This definition makes sense in the context, but I am wondering how "flavored" came to mean distracted. Is it a regional or dated usage?

Eddie Kal

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Flavored normally means something that is not in it's original taste anymore and a new flavor/taste has been added to it.
So flavored would here mean, that the person is distracted and is not in his original/default mood.

You couldn't not find the word in normal dictionaries, because it might be a made-up term and not a literal word with a proper meaning. It's something that is taken by the author to be metaphorically understood by the reader.

Bella Swan

Posted 2019-04-24T03:44:09.737

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