What does the acronym "btf" mean?



What does the acronym "btf" mean in the following sentence:

This project was a labour of love that took developers btf five years to accomplish.


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Meaning is essential to context. Where does this sentence come from? Who is the audience? What are the surrounding sentences? Without knowing this, it is impossible to say definitively whether it is an abbreviation, a name, a term, or a typographical error. – choster – 2019-04-12T14:57:22.173

I am also curious what does the btf mean. I met the abbreviationg here. In that context (in a nutshell) the btf is used as a prefix to customize things. So, as the accepted answer suggests it may mean the name of a developer. But then it is not clear what will be the full form of the btf.

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The abbreviation "btf" is the name of the developer.

It is not an acronym because the abbreviation can't be used as a pronounceable word.

Some examples of acronym are

  • NATO
  • laser

Weather Vane

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1Do you know those as developers? I can't find them.... – Lambie – 2019-04-11T19:10:47.883

@Lambie I found this PDF and also this site although whether it is the same btf as in the question is moot. It seems clear from the context that "btf" is the name of the developer. If it meant something else, the sentence would probably have read "the developers btf..."

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That's not a universally accepted definition of acronym, mind. Few people will observe the distinction between an acronym and initialism (simply because, by my lights, not a lot of people are familiar with the word initialism in the first place – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acronym, quoting MWDEU, a reputable usage dictionary, appears to confirm that).

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@userr2684291 indeed Benelux is an acronym, but is not formed from initials. – Weather Vane – 2019-04-11T19:22:30.657

1The questionable part is the pronounceable bit, but yes. – None – 2019-04-11T19:25:09.417

So was this downvoted because someone does not believe that btf is the name of developer, or because someone thinks an acronym is other than pronounceable? If you have a better meaning for btf please post an answer. – Weather Vane – 2019-04-11T19:27:34.613

For the record, I have upvoted your answer because it looks like it answers the question together with the accompanying comment. Don't take downvotes too seriously. : ) – None – 2019-04-11T19:41:25.517