a/an k-objective optimization problem


Which of the following is correct?

a k-objective optimization problem

an k-objective optimization problem


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2Use a before consonant sounds and an before vowel sounds. K begins with the consonant /k/ (it's pronounced /keɪ/), so you say a. – snailplane – 2014-03-15T02:03:23.397



"a k-objective optimization problem" is correct because you use a before a word that starts with a consonant. "An" is seen in front of words that begin with a vowel, unless there is some time of exception to the rule.


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Well, no; as stated in snailboat’s comment and the Should individual letters be preceded with “an”? question, the rule is based on how the word or letter is pronounced. So, while “a k-objective optimization problem” is correct, it would be “an n-variable problem” or “an XY problem” (or “an hour”).

– Scott – 2014-12-23T19:16:02.813