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Hi everyone. Thank you for clicking into my question page. In my exercise book, I have a question as follows:

  1. It_____and the streets were wet. A. has been raining B.rains C. has rained D. would rain

The answer is A and I don't know why it has to be A. I think it looks strange to me as either the present perfect or the present perfect continuous suggests an event that is related to PRESENT.I think the question itself has some problem.'The streets were wet', the predicate is 'were', suggesting this is a fact that happened in the past and has nothing to do with present,but why it uses a perfect continuous tense?

Many thanks for anyone who would help me explain this.


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1Please [edit] your question to include the actual text you are asking about, not an image. Images cannot be searched, copied and pasted, or read by blind people. – Nathan Tuggy – 2018-10-20T04:04:56.973

2It is a bad question. The answer should be **had been raining**. Your reasoning is correct, that it does not relate to the present. You could also write a different sentence using would: In that part of the country it would rain for weeks on end, and the streets were always wet. – Tᴚoɯɐuo – 2018-10-20T09:19:29.317



Overally, two dependent clauses must be of the same tense. Your reasoning is true. If we want to say 'the streets were wet' we must in main clause say: It had been rained and the streets were wet.

The match between the clauses in terms of tense must be done.

It had been raining is also false, because 'raining' is suggesting the progressive aspect (ongoing action by -ing ) while the perfect aspect 'rained' is required to suggst a complete action.

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You might want to use:subject, verb, object. – Lambie – 2018-10-21T16:42:17.147


It had rained and the streets were wet.

This is the correct answer. 'Been' is assigned to 'passive voice' exclusively. If the verb is transitive then we can use the passive voice.

The food had been eaten and the table was dirty.

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