"they got married" vs "they have got married"




They got married

the same as

They have got married

Is word "have" is ommited from the first sentence? But both have the same meaning. If not, why is got used with an adjective "married"?

sadegh askari

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married is not an adjective but a past participle. Your verb is to get married.

The difference between the sentences is that the verb is at different tenses. First is at past tense simple, the second one is at present perfect simple.

  • Past tense simple is used to describe past actions where the time has been specified.

    They got married yesterday. They got married last year.

  • Present perfect simple is used to describe past actions where the time has not been specified.

    They have got married. but we don't know when


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I would never say "they have got married", gotten would be my word choice – Deolater – 2018-10-04T14:47:25.467

both got and gotten are accepted as the 3rd form of the verb get – KeykoYume – 2018-10-04T14:54:44.663

2@Deolater There is no such word as gotten in UK English, only got. In US English, both are acceptable. – Jason Bassford – 2018-10-04T16:13:29.370