Use of "Align with"


Would you prefer to define your goals, then find a work which align with it?

The use of "align with" is at right place here? Or, would you prefer to suggest something else?


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I would not use "align" in this sentence, but there is more I would change.

I am not completely sure about what you mean with the first part of your sentence, but since it is grammatical, I will leave it unchanged.

find a work

Assuming that you mean "the work that someone does for a living", the word you are looking for is a job, or maybe employment.

which align with it

You are using align here as a verb, in which case it would take an extra s. However, no native speaker would say it like this. You can have a job in line with your goals.

"It" is singular, but you are referring to multiple goals, so it should be plural.

So the whole sentence would become

Would you prefer to set your goals, then find a job in line with them?

To align means "to bring in line", so you could use the verb "align" in a sentence with a similar meaning like this:

Maybe you want to align your job with your goals.


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I would use "alignment" but only because it is a piece of business jargon used pretty frequently. In non-business contexts it doesn't make as much sense.

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Your positioning of align is fine, and I am also comfortable with your choice of that word.

But it needs to be aligns (3rd person singular) and it should be either work (this is an uncountable noun so it loses the indefinite article) or a job. Also goals is plural so you need the plural pronoun them at the end.

Therefore either:

Would you prefer to define your goals, then find work which aligns with them?


Would you prefer to define your goals, then find a job which aligns with them?


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