Whether "illiteracy" is rude or impoliteness internet user name?


I want the "illiteracy" name say I'm an English illiteracy in other words Maybe I'm lack English skills to accurate express and understand, but some people say:

And... please, change your name... it really doesn't look very well.


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1I don't think it was appropriate for someone to criticize a made-up Internet name because it "doesn't look well" (that should be "good" not "well"). I do think this is a question we can answer though. – ColleenV – 2018-09-04T11:41:45.540

"I'm an illiteracy" isn't correct (although maybe that was your point!) Illiteracy means "the condition of being unable to read or write". You are not the condition of being unable to read or write, you are a person who cannot read or write - you are an illiterate. – stangdon – 2018-09-04T13:50:48.267



It expresses too radical self-criticism, since it literally means inability to read or write. You could use instead a more optimistic name of that kind, like 'newbie'.


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Personally, as an English speaker, I find that username actually quite amusing. I'd keep it if I were you! And no, it's absolutely not offensive or impolite. The only complaint I could see being raised is that you're calling someone else "illiterate", but as a username, this is ridiculous; usernames almost always reflect oneself, so it's a self-deprecatingly humorous username.


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