Any reason for being called 'Chicken Fingers', given it's not made from fingers of chicken at all?


Originally, I thought Chicken Fingers is made from the fingers of chickens. But after I saw this Wiki article, it's actually made from "the pectoralis minor muscles of the animal".

So, I'm curious why it's called Chicken Fingers given it has nothing to do with fingers at all?


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Many foods called "fingers" are approximately the shape and size of human fingers. – StoneyB on hiatus – 2018-09-04T02:11:15.983

As @StoneyB says - fish fingers (aka fish sticks), lady fingers (small oblong sponge cakes) – John Feltz – 2018-09-04T02:38:08.317



Many things which are long and narrow are called fingers in English, from ladyfinger cookies/biscuits to the Finger Lakes. OALD includes a a subordinate meaning of finger as

finger (of something) a long narrow piece of bread, cake, land, etc.

a finger of toast
chocolate fingers

In British English, a similar food made from fish is know as fish fingers, though they are called fish sticks in North America.

Note that the term finger food is for a different and unrelated concept, however, and refers to food of any shape that is portioned into small pieces intended to be picked up and eaten with the fingers.


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