Business conversation by emails: should I say hello in each email?



I received this email from a company interested in my product.
I did not know them beforehand.

John Doe

I replied like this:

Hello John,
Nicolas Raoul

And got this reply:


What salutation should I use in my next reply?
Can I just use John,?

Nicolas Raoul

Posted 2014-02-19T04:39:29.920

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The question is broad and actually opinion based. Nevertheless, let me share what I practice.

We address people with Hello in emails quite commonly and this can go for every email you write or respond. However, if you are responding merely with a sentence or two, addressing person directly with their name (as John might have done in this case) is okay.

In another case, if it's the same conversation (more like a chat) having 2, 3 or more mails, I drop Hello and directly address the person with their name.

In this case, as I already said, you may choose any option - Hello John, or John. But if you want to sound a bit formal, go for Hello John,

Maulik V

Posted 2014-02-19T04:39:29.920

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1I agree. You can't go wrong either way. When it comes to "Hello", no one will begrudge you for leaving it in, or leaving it out. – J.R. – 2014-02-19T10:57:04.410