What do "ed:XXX" meaning in translated manga?


For example(8 page): http://mangahasu.se/onii-chan-wa-oshimai/vol-6-chapter-17-mahiro-and-the-onsen- panic-first-part-c590411.html#8

I can't find a tool to query such abbreviations word.


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I have no frame of reference for Manga, but certainly in British humour comics there are often footnotes from the Editor which are abbreviated as "Ed".

These are usually for comic effect and are not actually from the editor of the publication; they are usually inserted intentionally by the writer / artist / letterer as a way of breaking the fourth wall (where characters in a work of fiction address the audience directly). It is similar to having a narrator, but deliberately breaks the illusion of reality by acknowledging that this is a comic.


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