"The English grammar" or "English grammar"



Should we use definite article (the) before "English grammar".

Please tell me which sentence is perfect:

Tenses in the English grammar.

Tenses in English grammar.


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Without the context of a full sentence I will say it depends.

I find it difficult to learn tenses in English grammar:

because it is English grammar in general.

The way I was taught the different tenses in the English grammar I was taught at school isn't proving very effective:

because it is not English grammar in general but the particular grammar I was taught.

Note that not using the word "grammar" would not change anything, you can say "tenses in English" and everybody knows what it means.


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The clearest and quickest formula would be "English tenses", I think. But "tenses in English" is good and sufficient. To express the idea that tenses are in a grammar book is actually not necessary, it is self-evident.


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