Is using word "discriminatable" wrong?


Is it totally incorrect to use word "discriminatable"?


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Yes, it's incorrect. That's not recognized as a word in English, according to Wiktionary. You could use 'discriminable' instead.

However, it's a good guess, since it's often correct to make an adjective from a verb by adding the suffix '-able'. This case is an exception to that rule. You also correctly dropped the 'e' from the end of discriminate before adding the suffix.


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So sad(because I wrote that in my test paper) but seems reasonable.. – KYHSGeekCode – 2018-04-27T05:57:03.250

Too bad, @KYHSGeekCode. If you're ever in doubt, look it up in the dictionary first. – dwilli – 2018-04-27T05:59:17.323

yep I've already done that and this question was the last hope.. – KYHSGeekCode – 2018-04-27T06:02:32.003

Final hope, but I hope my teacher doesn't see this question of mine..

– KYHSGeekCode – 2018-04-27T06:41:49.700