what to use with never, third form or first form


i always confused what to use with never.

I was taking to my co-worker and i had to tell her that HR never gave any party so i got confused what to use give or gave

  • never give any party or never gave any party ?
  • never give pays or never gave pays [just like my friend never pays tax]


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It depends on what were you trying to say: that HR (Human Resources?) never gave a party before (cause there were a party recently for the first time) or that HR never has given a party – RubioRic – 2018-04-16T13:39:47.817

yes a kind of like she never gave a party since years ago – Muhammad – 2018-04-16T13:54:59.390

gave pay is not idiomatic. You either pay someone or you don't. You can look up and study: always, never, sometimes, often and other adverbs of frequency. – Lambie – 2018-04-16T15:37:46.407



It depends on context. Either you are saying it has never happened in the past, or you are saying it's a general truth.

Taking your second example first: it is a general truth that your friend doesn't pay tax, so use the present tense:

My friend never pays any tax.

(Note it's pays and not gives pay. "Gives pay" is not natural English.)

With your first example, the idiom is to have or to throw a party, not to give a party. Throw usually takes an indirect object:

My friend just threw her mother a surprise birthday party.

While have uses for:

My friend just had a surprise birthday party for her mother.

In this case you're talking about past events up to the present moment, so use the past tense:

Now I feel bad. I never threw my mother any parties. I should throw one this year.


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