Is this sentence correct grammatically?



I am writing for a contest:

having a Master degree will give my chances their best to find employment after graduation.

I am especially asking about the word their.

Marco Dinatsoli

Posted 2014-01-18T20:33:45.617

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What is their supposed to refer to? I don't understand. – snailplane – 2014-01-18T20:55:02.660

"will give my chances their best" sounds odd to me. – Damkerng T. – 2014-01-18T21:15:36.943

@DamkerngT. what could it be replaced by please? – Marco Dinatsoli – 2014-01-18T21:25:50.750

Having a Master's degree will give me a better chance at finding employment... – Jim – 2014-01-18T21:27:59.093

1@Jim please write an answer to accept it. also, i asked another question, please check it – Marco Dinatsoli – 2014-01-18T21:29:17.107



If I look at the following sentence I see several ways to fill in the blank. Note the change to an uppercase H and from Master degree to master's degree.

Having a master's degree will _________ to find employment after graduation.

Some options that use chances or chance:

  • improve my chances
  • give me the best chance
  • better my chances

You asked about the usage of their when referencing the chances. I could see using:

My chances were at their best when I stopped speaking.

Jason Aller

Posted 2014-01-18T20:33:45.617

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