'an' or 'a' before the word 'user'?


We learn in English grammar class to use 'a' before words starting with consonants and 'an' before words starting with vowels.

Since for the word 'user' which starts with a vowel, are we supposed to use 'an' or 'a'.

'A user' feels more meaningful than 'an user'. Which is the correct usage?

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It is not so much the letter that matters; it primarily depends on the initial sound of the word which is directly preceded by the article. The noun user is phonetically [ˈjuː.zə] or [ˈjuː.zəɹ]. So we see that it starts with [j] which is generally considered to be a consonant sound. Therefore we should say and write a user and not "an user" since we use "a" before a word which begins with a consonantal sound.


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