"Experienced the *fastest* growth"?


I have a question about this sentence:

Canada experienced the fastest growth in Internet usage.

From what I know about superlatives, the grammar structure is: S + be + the + adj. Therefore I am confused about the example. Is the sentence correct?


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Yes, it's grammatical. The use of superlative adjectives is not confined to the structure you describe.

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Compare: John bought the biggest pumpkin (in the supermarket). – Edwin Ashworth – 2013-12-09T09:28:00.340


For using superlatives, there is no formula S + be + the + adj. Although this is common, it is not a rule.

The only "rules" are that the comparison is between at least two, and you can use the adj. + -est, or most or least.

My most embarrassing mistake tonight was forgetting the name of the hostess.

My biggest mistake tonight was forgetting the name of our hostess.


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The structure you gave is A valid structure, but it is not the ONLY valid structure.

Grammatically, you can use a superlative in any or almost any sentence structure in which you could use an adjective. Of course the specific words have to make sense in context, but a superlative is an adjective and can be used like one.

There's the structure you gave: "Our Internet is fast." "Our Internet is the fastest."

But adjectives are used in many other ways. "Today I drove a red car." "Today I drove the fastest car."

"Bob, a bald man, took off his hat." "Bob, the biggest man, took off his hat."

Etc etc.


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