Abbreviation of "In contrast"


What word can I use as an abbreviation of the phrase "in contrast" or "on the contrary" or "directly opposite"?

siho lee

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2Good question. I don't think there is one, at least not in common use. Is there a reason you feel it's necessary, or is it just idle curiosity? – Andrew – 2017-08-19T06:36:03.913

1Can you show how you want to use "in contrast", could you give an example sentence. – James K – 2017-08-19T06:45:24.080

Literally an abbreviation? Is an abbreviation a word? – Ringo – 2017-08-21T05:27:16.607



A contrast is a comparison, the sharp one. I don't know an abbreviation for "in contrast to" but "compare (imperative)" is usually abbreviated to cf. [Latin confer (compare)].

Michael Login

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I have used "cfx" for "contrast". "Compare" is abbrev. cf. and since "contrast" is a comparison, I used that abbrev., plus the x as a graphic of opposing ideas.

A Student

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