Where to find X-ray videos of the vocal track for all the English vowels?



I've found this web page that makes a convincing case for teaching/studying the cardinal vowel quadrilateral in language learning. Apparently it is taught to improve the accent to actors, and in some advanced language courses.

So, I was wondering where to find videos with the English vowels (and maybe some difficult consonants), showing the vocal track in X-ray, so I can have a better idea where the "real" position of the tongue is when visualizing the quadrilateral.

What I've found so far is this video showing only the vowels used in Spanish. And these other videos that I guess are mostly oriented to phoneticians.


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Have you looked at Sounds of Speech? Not X-ray but far better to my mind.

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@Laure The images are simplified, but I don't know if that's a good think. I generally learn physical activities by seeing the real thing, then the kinesthetic part of the brain kicks in and reproduce those movements physically. Although there is definitely something odd I can't put my finger on with the X-rays, maybe I am getting distracted by all the intricacies in the organic nature of the images. Or I still don't have a mental map of how those translate to my own tongue. – rraallvv – 2017-07-09T13:29:31.980

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