The night before last night?



I could say "I am leaving the day after tomorrow," but what if I want to reference the night before last night? Do I say, "I left the night before last night"? What do native speakers say both formally and informally in particular? I researched the question but could not find a clear definite answer, and I do not want to speculate.


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1You can also say: two nights ago. Or 3/4/... nights ago. – None – 2016-05-25T18:29:04.673

5note in many languages there are specific words for "day after tomorrow" or "day before yesterday", but not in English - don't seek them in vain. – SF. – 2013-11-15T10:06:34.440



The phrase the night before last night is exactly how I'd reference it, although, in many contexts – and that includes informal contexts – I'd typically leave off the second night:

I left the night before last.


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3It is also common to use the day of the week as a reference. For example, if today is Friday, I would say "I left Wednesday night". "The night before last" is usually good, but it can get confusing if you have this conversation very early in the morning/very late at night when "last night" starts to become ambiguous. – Gray – 2013-11-15T15:59:09.340


overmorrow and ereyesterday are the two related words that might be of interest, but they are not in (common) use anymore. Source: Wiktionary

As mentioned in snailboat's comment, do not use these words as they are obsolete.


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5I wouldn't recommend learners use either of these words, as they're not likely to be understood in most contexts. (Both words are obsolete, as Wiktionary notes.) They're great words, though! – snailplane – 2013-11-15T14:44:14.263

Absolutely, but I provided the answer for completeness. – R-D – 2013-11-15T14:54:16.507

Has English ever had words for one day farther than that, I mean "the day after overmorrow" and "the day before ereyesterday". – Juya – 2018-12-16T06:31:43.807