Verbs for the word achievements e.g other achievements he ... are (fill ... in)


Does this make sense?

Other achievements he attained...

Or is it "obtained"?

Thank you everyone! This is my first time using this website and you have been very helpful.


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If you must use the noun "achievement" (rather than the verb "achieve") and find yourself in need of a verb to go with it, there are possibilities but all of them sound a little bit awkward.

Perform, win, score or gain are the sorts of things I have in mind.

e.g. He performed the remarkable achievement of three birdies in a row.

But it would be less wordy to say He achieved three birdies in a row.

As someone has noted achieve and achievement are already strong words.

Of course achievement works well with the verb to be, as in To have climbed Everest is a stunning achievement.


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1You could also use the possessive - "His other achievements include..." – ColleenV – 2017-06-04T12:48:46.040