Screenshoting Or Screenshotting?


Which one is correct?

Screenshot is probably a noun.

Is screenshotting grammatically correct? or it's just screenshoting?


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The correct word is:

Screenshotting - The act of taking a screen shot.

However, as Stephen commented it's best to avoid it and say:

  • take screenshots

Screenshooting sounds like an act of shooting (at) screens. (this word doesn't exist)


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As people have said, screenshotting is correct, but there are a a few alternatives:

  • To screenshot
  • To take a screenshot

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You "shoot" a picture with a camera. You are using your phone's camera to shoot a picture of a picture. It makes perfect grammatical sense for the correct verb to be screenshoot. "Sounds better" is never the right answer in grammar.

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Welcome to []! Do you have any dictionaries or other sources to prove this? Unfortunately, English grammar does not always "make sense". – Glorfindel – 2020-06-02T19:31:47.373