C as "c" in all abbreviations or acronyms


Does letter "c" read as [c] in all abbreviations or acronyms?

  • BBC - company [k]
  • PC - computer [k]
  • RC - compiler [k]

Are there any abbreviations or acronyms where the letter C doesn't read as [c]?


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1Technically, those are acronyms. Abbreviations, e.g. "e.g." aren't meant to be spelled out. Although, I think abbreviations include acronyms, not everyone might agree. – Hector von – 2017-03-14T18:03:20.567

@Hectorvon Alright, I've supplemented that to the question. – SovereignSun – 2017-03-14T18:16:45.647

1The only way "BBC" is an acronym is if you pronounce it "bubook" or similarly. SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) is an acronym, because it is normally pronounced "salt" and NOT spelled aloud "s-a-l-t" in normal use. – Davo – 2017-03-14T19:26:39.933



I don't know about all acronyms, but in those mentioned and any that I know, no, the letter C is denoted by its name, that sounds like "see".

Hector von

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