Let to do/ let do/ to let to do/ to let do


European customs officers are not easy to corrupt, so you have hardly any chances to get them __ something illegal across the border.
A. let you to take
B. let you take
C. to let you to take
D. to let you take

What is the right answer to the task? I think it should be C. or D. , since we have to use to +infinitive after "get". For me D. sounds a bit more natural. So is it D. ? If so, which rule are we using to determine whether the right answer is C. or D.? Is it the rule that after let we use bare infinitive (infinitive without to) ?


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In the same way as

get somebody to do something

requires "to",

let somebody do something

requires the bare infinitive without "to".

The "rule" is what I have said just above: it is an idiosyncratic property of the verb "let", that cannot be predicted but just has to be learnt.

Colin Fine

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