Gerund, Infinitive or That Clause in this case


If someone expect us to run 40km and we want to say it is ridiculous. Which of the following sentences (or all) can be used ?.

  1. It is ridiculous for you to expect me to run 40km. (it sounds wrong to me)
  2. It is ridiculous your expecting me to run 40km.
  3. It is ridiculous that you expect me to run 40km.

my example can be senseless. I just made up to get more understandable answers for me.


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#1 sounds best to this native US English speaker. You can find many examples of "for you to expect me to".

– stangdon – 2017-03-06T21:54:31.093

1Can you add more detail why you think any of these are wrong? Although #2 is a little clumsy, all are grammatical. – Andrew – 2017-03-06T23:30:01.830

actually I dont know why. it may be because there is a little meaning change when you translate the first to my language. – d.alex – 2017-03-07T04:27:58.443

2#1 also sounds best to us BrE speakers. – Chris M – 2017-03-07T06:34:23.163

1They are all fine and just three different ways of saying the same thing. They all exhibit "subject extraposition", where the subordinate clause subject of the basic non-extraposed version has been moved to the end of the sentence and replaced with the dummy pronoun "it". It's a very common kind of information packaging construction. – BillJ – 2017-03-07T08:30:35.107



The first one, I would phrase it replacing "for" with "of". Apart from that, its a fine sentence.

  1. It is ridiculous of you to expect me to run 40km.

The second one is mostly fine. Note that it would probably work better with the introduction of the word "that" after ridiculous. Note the small correction, we should use "you're" instead of "your" in this case, since it is a contraction of "... ridiculous that you are expecting me ...":

  1. It is ridiculous that you're expecting me to run 40km.

The third one is perfectly fine.

  1. It is ridiculous that you expect me to run 40km.


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