What does "the boat sheered off to beach further up the coast" mean?


I just have no ideas of what "further up the coast" means.

I know every word of the sentence but it's still all Greek to me.


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1You could rewrite it like this: The boat turned away from the rest of the group in order to go up to to the shore some distance more along the coastline. – Jim – 2013-10-30T05:55:07.360

1Technically, it should be “... farther up the coast.” – Tyler James Young – 2013-10-30T06:06:33.580

TJY - I'm not sure what you mean by "technically;" many dictionaries acknowledge that farther can be used in place of further, although it's apparently a contentious issue among etymological experts. See the very interesting Usage Note here.

– J.R. – 2013-10-30T09:03:14.710

J.R., you're right. Farther is not really used here in England and the rest of the UK. – Tristan – 2013-10-30T13:33:35.023

1@Tristan I've always just assumed y'all don't use "farther" because it would sound like "father" in y'all's non-rhotic accents. – Tyler James Young – 2013-10-30T15:08:21.153

@J.R. I did find that usage note interesting. This was not a rule I learned with any caveat or newness disclaimer. I will henceforth flag this preference as not only pedantic but also not at all universal. – Tyler James Young – 2013-10-30T15:13:29.617


@J.R. FWIW, ELU agrees with me even if ELL doesn't. I'd rather align myself here, among the free.

– Tyler James Young – 2013-10-30T15:23:09.690

Tyler, that could be part of the reason but, it is mainly because the word further is already in use so, saying farther is just unnecessary. – Tristan – 2013-10-30T19:51:15.360



Here you go:

enter image description here

Point A is a point on the coast. Point B is a point "further up the coast".

Note: The word point here refers to "a particular spot, place, or position in an area or on a map" (NOAD Def. 3) not "a narrow piece of land jutting out into a lake or ocean" (NOAD Def. 7) Referring to the latter definition, we could say that Point B is quite near the point.


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