What is the easiest way to remember where to use "could" and "would" while talking to someone?



Whenever I speak it gets confusing for me where to use "would" and "could". I want some easy tips on how to use it. I mean overall how to use this model verbs for the past sentences and for the future sentences. And is there any certain genres of books I can read to improve my English speaking vocabulary?


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1Is there anything in particular that gives you trouble? Can you give us some examples? Otherwise the question is really too broad to answer easily. – Andrew – 2017-01-04T06:14:13.913

This is probably two separate questions. And the second question is probably off-topic, but can probably be better answered (and asked) at the English Language Learners Meta, Resources for Learning English.

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I could have and I would have, but I can't, so I won't.

I could have (based on my assumed ability in the past) and

I would have (based on my assumed willingness in the past), but

I can't (based on my lack of ability now), so

I won't (based on my lack of willingness now and for the foreseeable future).

Does this help?

Teacher KSHuang

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