Introducing myself on text message



I would like to ask which one of the following introductory is more appropriate for a formal and polite registry when I text to someone who knows me for the first time after I got her number or when I text through a different phone number than that I already have been using so in both cases there is someone knows me but cannot recognize my number unless I make my name clear on my text.

Should I say :

Hello, Mr./Mrs.Green. This is Jamie.


Hello Mr./Mrs.Green. It is Jamie.


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1Either is OK if you need to be formal, but maybe you should give your full name. – Mick – 2016-12-28T09:20:24.910

1I would use This is. You are referring to the current message, in which you are an active participant. It is works when we are talking about something more separate. "Who is making that announcement?" "It is Jamie." – djna – 2016-12-28T09:21:46.080



You should use This is when you are being asked to introduce yourself. for example when you join a conference call and someone asks Who's this? or Who's the new caller?

Then you should say

Hello, Mr./Mrs.Green. This is Jamie.

But when you are introducing yourself first then you should go with following:

Hello Mr./Mrs.Green. It is Jamie.


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