"Convergence of A 'with' B" versus "convergence of A 'and' B"


If I want to say "convergence of line A, line B (say outer boundaries) and some other lines (say internal skeleton)" which of the following phrases should I use?

Convergence of outer boundaries with internal skeleton

Convergence of outer boundaries and internal skeleton


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This case is fuzzy to me too, so I decided to search COCA to see what other people say.

Here's what I found:

    "convergence of * and"          130 results
    "convergence of * with"         10 results

Based on this, it looks like and is more popular, but with is also acceptable. My intuition is that there is no significant difference in meaning; I looked through some of the results trying to find a pattern, but as far as I can tell they're interchangeable.

It seems to me that both and and with are okay, but the usual choice is and.


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