What is "Nor'n Iron" short for?


I was reading a post on a website when I ran into this title.

How's about ye? is a very, very Nor'n Iron expression with which I am sure The Great Panjandrum is regularly greeted by his kith and kin.

Source: Wordreference

I don't know what it means and that is okay, but I only want to know what Nor'n is short for in Nor'n Iron?


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"Nor'n Iron" refers to Northern Ireland speech.

  • Contraction of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland said in the Ulster dialect sounds like Norn Iron and therefore evolved into a Northern Irish saying.


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Thanks for the clear answer, and the interestingly informative link, Absolute Beginner. Are you really Absolute Beginner? Maybe, but probably in post-advanced stuff, whatever that field is. – learner – 2016-11-11T09:25:42.483