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Today, in "#BBCAskThis" session of BBC news some questions about "School Reforms" were flashed. I am unable to have understood the question structure in this question:

"Surely the curriculum should be the same in each school to ensure equality?"

Notwithstanding the absence of any question word, it is a question. Could you explain what type of question is this, please?


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You can ask a question by saying any statement with a rising pitch at the end, usually on the last word, and you indicate this by writing a question mark at the end. Examples:

And your name is?

So we're good?

My name is Alan?

George is fat?

My answer is terrible?

Surely the world be a better place if everyone got together and lived in harmony?


Many times these questions expect an answer of yes or no, but not always (And your name is?).

Alan Carmack

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thanks. Please let me know have I used "Notwithstanding" correctly in my question? I think I should have used some other word instead of "Notwithstanding". – None – 2016-09-09T13:28:48.090


Your use of notwithstanding is perfect.

– Alan Carmack – 2016-09-09T13:34:15.977