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47 What started the US Dust Bowl of the 1930s, and could it happen again? 2014-04-21T23:47:47.947

45 How much oil is created each year? 2014-04-26T05:29:59.460

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40 (How long) would Earth's atmosphere last without a global magnetic field? 2014-04-22T18:09:51.510

39 Are Richter-magnitude 10 earthquakes possible? 2014-05-10T20:40:19.640

37 Why is the pond in my backyard not frozen when it is -15 °C (5 °F) outside? 2016-01-10T15:29:57.030

36 Why do the Siberian methane craters have smooth vertical walls? 2014-08-10T20:16:33.240

35 Similarities between grand circulation solvers and mantle convection solvers 2014-04-15T21:55:50.173

35 Farthest point from the center of the Earth 2014-11-12T12:24:57.657

34 Why is Earth's inner core solid? 2014-04-24T16:03:30.313

34 How many trees would I have to plant to solve Global Warming? 2014-10-16T18:03:57.337

34 Are there any uncharted waters left on earth? 2014-12-06T20:52:07.137

33 How is the mass of the Earth determined? 2014-04-16T05:12:33.473

33 How would plate tectonics differ if Earth had no water? 2014-05-04T19:02:07.897

32 How do we know the asteroids formed at the same time as earth? 2014-11-19T21:36:03.787

31 What would be the temperature of earth if there was no atmosphere? 2014-05-07T03:36:15.547

30 Why does Coriolis determine the rotation direction of a cyclone but not my drain? 2014-11-11T15:24:51.107

30 Why is Earth's age given by dating meteorites rather than its own rocks? 2014-11-18T12:04:32.333

30 How does anthropogenic heating affect global warming? 2014-12-14T06:32:53.253

29 How can we determine the size and composition of Earth's inner core? 2014-04-24T02:10:03.133

28 How would an icicle "grow" upwards? 2015-01-09T01:13:47.087

28 Is it possible for rivers to freeze completely and stop flowing? 2015-02-03T01:47:51.073

28 Is it true that earthquakes are not felt in a cave? 2015-07-14T15:15:09.687

27 What is the status of the Raymo & Ruddiman idea that Tibet cooled the Earth? 2014-04-15T22:36:48.483

27 How and why did the oceans form on Earth but not on other planets? 2014-04-16T05:55:55.730

26 How do weather models work? 2014-04-15T20:15:10.483

26 Why is Europe warmer than North America at similar latitudes? 2014-04-15T21:46:00.840

26 What would it take to confirm or refute the Snowball Earth Hypothesis? 2014-04-19T03:25:22.627

26 Is earthquake prediction possible? 2014-05-11T03:14:19.903

26 Why are hail storms always brief? 2017-03-02T12:23:40.657

25 How much of the current global warming is due to human influence? 2014-04-16T01:11:57.480

25 Why do felsic materials have lower melting points than mafic? 2014-04-16T18:05:38.590

25 How can the following equations for meandering rivers be theoretically obtained? 2014-04-19T00:14:11.717

25 Why is Earth's outer-core liquid? 2014-04-24T16:42:16.060

25 How much will sea level rise if all the polar ice melts? 2014-04-30T07:29:14.630

25 How high must one be for the curvature of the earth to be visible to the eye? 2016-01-18T04:52:58.020

24 What do weather forecasters mean when they say "50% chance of rain"? 2014-04-16T01:09:41.603

24 Why did the Laki eruption of 1783 produce so much fluorine? 2014-04-16T16:12:50.233

24 Why does El Niño only exist in the Pacific Ocean and not the Atlantic/Indian Oceans? 2014-05-02T16:12:17.330

24 During the "Ice Ages" or "Snowball Earth" times, where was all the energy? 2014-08-27T19:01:27.877

24 Equinoxes and solstices: start of the season or mid-season? 2014-09-12T19:16:10.247

24 What sort of climate zones would be present if Earth was tilted like Uranus? 2014-09-17T06:36:34.430

24 How much of a mountain is below the surface? 2014-11-18T10:55:32.713

24 Why was the initial theory of plate tectonics so controversial? 2015-02-20T11:04:57.463

24 Is a complete global flood physically possible on Earth? 2015-04-21T14:26:26.837

23 Would the Earth function the same spinning the other way? 2014-05-01T08:08:52.513


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