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16 Making thin brittle sand design that holds together 2016-11-17T00:41:35.163

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15 How can I make a sketch under a watercolour painting and have it not be seen? 2016-10-06T13:30:29.593

14 What are food safe finishes for woodworking projects, ie. turned bowls 2016-04-26T19:55:23.340

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14 Determining a station point for a perspective drawing 2016-05-30T15:40:32.297

14 How do you bond clear acrylic to wood? 2016-06-01T10:44:29.563

13 When mixing paint colours, what is a good technique for ensuring consistent ratios each time a new batch needs to be created? 2016-04-26T20:41:56.003

13 Durable T-shirt design methods 2016-04-26T21:20:45.673

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12 Can I use an airbrush inside? 2016-04-27T05:30:52.583

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12 Multi-unit pottery kiln - how hot can it go? 2016-05-11T20:44:47.483

12 What can I do to ensure I only erase the smaller details without affecting the area around it? 2016-05-14T00:58:29.060


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