Exporting/Importing Fields



Is there an easy way for Importing/Exporting Fields?

I'm just working on a selection of Global fields that I'd like to be able to add for each client site. These would be things like Contact Details, Social Links, etc.

EDIT: I created FieldManager for this!


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Would absolutely love to see this added as well. Seems like a very valuable feature to save us all a great deal of time. – sarahshuda – 2015-03-15T20:51:24.453

As Brad says, its on their radar. Still, could be worthwhile to submit it as a feature request.

– Mats Mikkel Rummelhoff – 2015-03-15T20:54:00.907


For now, using ArtVandelay is a great option!

– crawf – 2015-03-15T22:43:41.373

+1, would like this – Shawn Wernig – 2014-11-21T02:28:30.027



I always write migrations to do this.

Here's and example for changing the label of a field.

You could, of course, do whatever you want - modify fieldlayouts, add/modify/remove fields, etc.


Nowadays I use the Schematic Plugin to transfer all kinds of settings (fields, fieldlayouts, settings etc.) over different setups.

Bob Olde Hampsink

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Do you have an option for Windows users? Schematic seems to only work on linux. – Tibor Szasz – 2016-05-26T13:28:57.033

Not at the moment, no. But if you can create an issue for it we will have a look. – Bob Olde Hampsink – 2016-05-26T13:29:56.723

False alarm, sorry :) It worked. – Tibor Szasz – 2016-05-26T13:38:27.610


Check out https://github.com/engram-design/FieldManager

I was looking for a way to duplicate a matrix field to make another variant. This works perfectly for cloning fields and seems to have Export/Import options with a good UI for selecting which field you want to export.


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Currently, there isn't a native way to do this.

But it's been discussed many times before and it's still on our radar.

Brad Bell

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Is this still on the radar? is there an official request for this as I couldn't find one.... (I'm sure it must be there!) – j00lz – 2015-08-22T11:04:52.943

Hi Brad, any updates on this feature? – Christian P – 2015-03-06T15:11:36.377

Unfortunately, no. – Brad Bell – 2015-03-06T16:02:00.687