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245 How can I chop onions without crying? 2010-07-11T00:09:22.057

165 Translating cooking terms between US / UK / AU / CA / NZ 2010-07-12T20:53:35.643

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142 Why would boiling milk in an electric kettle break the kettle? 2017-09-11T20:28:48.823

129 What is this colored fiber in my chicken? 2017-04-06T02:22:31.430

125 Is it possible to cook a whole fish in a dishwasher? 2010-08-09T22:52:58.900

114 How do you properly cook a steak? 2010-07-09T22:01:27.400

113 How can I tell the difference between a rabbit and a cat? 2015-04-06T07:34:48.103

106 Is it safe to leave butter at room temperature? 2010-07-09T19:20:18.570

106 Why use milk in scrambled eggs? 2010-07-14T23:02:04.513

96 Is it safe to eat potatoes that have sprouted? 2010-07-16T23:28:12.420

94 What knives are "required" for a serious home kitchen? 2010-07-09T20:27:25.087

93 How do you peel garlic easily? 2010-07-13T20:28:32.567

93 Do you heat the pan first, then add oil? Or put the oil in and heat up with the pan? 2010-07-21T23:08:46.260

93 Why did my banana catch fire in the microwave? 2010-10-01T17:23:38.127

93 Why do grape-flavored foods taste different than actual grapes? 2017-04-18T15:05:19.847

87 Is it safe to put hot food in the fridge? 2010-11-07T02:56:35.390

81 Browning Avocados - What Helps? 2014-08-18T21:32:23.737

80 Are rare burgers safe? 2017-07-24T13:49:41.100

78 How can I keep pasta from sticking to itself? 2010-07-10T04:36:53.043

75 Are there any advantages to freshly ground salt? 2017-01-31T14:11:22.323

75 Any benefit to buy high-quality meat for a mediocre cook? 2017-02-09T10:22:00.587

74 What's the best way to season a cast iron skillet? 2010-07-11T15:49:10.153

71 Cooking away alcohol 2010-07-11T20:08:26.880

68 What cookbooks do you always come back to? 2010-07-10T04:14:31.237

67 Why shallots over onions? 2010-10-19T14:01:16.813

67 How long can I store a food in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? 2012-02-05T06:05:08.987

66 Why did people start using CO2 (instead of e.g. oxygen) for carbonated drinks? 2015-01-02T22:32:52.693

65 What is the difference between white and brown eggs? 2010-07-09T19:08:47.673

64 What are some good resources for learning Knife Skills? 2010-07-09T19:31:22.897

63 Why wooden sticks for ice cream bars? 2015-08-04T04:04:43.960

62 How dangerous is it to refreeze meat that has been thawed? 2010-07-17T06:38:26.287

61 In a tomato sauce recipe, how can I cut the acidity? 2010-07-09T19:09:59.187

61 Best way to remove fruit flies from your kitchen 2017-09-27T12:44:56.943

60 How should I poach an egg? 2010-07-09T19:12:05.017

60 Is there a problem with defrosting meat on the counter? 2010-07-27T19:30:49.860

60 How is sushi supposed to be eaten? 2016-02-22T02:50:36.707

59 How can I get chewy chocolate chip cookies? 2010-07-09T19:07:45.460

59 Is there a quick, easy, mess-free way to peel an orange (or grapefruit)? 2015-01-26T08:16:54.257

59 How Did I Explode A Saucepan? 2015-06-12T12:34:56.303

59 What constitutes the majority of meat? 2017-09-18T17:35:20.337

56 What's the ideal coffee to water ratio for a French press? 2011-01-18T03:08:50.703

56 Why isn't Almond Milk (and other non-animal based 'milk') considered juice? 2016-11-29T22:52:55.413

56 Why did flatbread dominate the Middle East but Europe adopted raised breads? 2018-06-28T12:37:56.267

55 What exactly is "Sushi Grade" fish? 2010-07-12T09:33:54.153

55 How do I wash the "pokey" side of a box grater? 2017-02-06T18:50:44.077

55 Why didn't microwaving a stainless steel spoon set my kitchen on fire? 2017-03-22T20:34:37.443

55 Mystery kitchen device with three finger loops, one attached to a sliding rod that passes through a ring 2017-04-22T15:33:39.130

54 What is the difference between a prawn and a shrimp? 2014-07-01T07:24:43.603

53 Why can applesauce be used in place of oil? 2010-09-07T00:37:58.330


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