Precisely move the 3D cursor



The 3D cursor can be moved by simply LMB LMB clicking anywhere in the viewport. Is there a faster and easier way to position the 3D cursor?


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In both edit mode and object mode; press N to open the Properties. Scroll down to the 3D cursor. There are three number fields one each for the X, Y, and Z axes. For finer control use Alt or Ctrl while dragging the mouse. Also see the Manual.

The 3D Cursor panel

Note the coordinates are always in Global, how the transform orientation is set makes no difference.


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Have a look at the blender manual. You can also use the snap menu pressing Shift+S.

snap menu

  • Cursor to Selected
    Snaps the cursor to the center of the current selection.
  • Cursor to Center
    Snaps the cursor to the origin of the scene (location 0,0,0).
  • Cursor to Grid
    Snaps the cursor to the nearest visible grid lines.
  • Cursor to Active
    Snaps the cursor to the active (last selected) object, edge, face or vertex.

pink vertex

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There is a great addon called Enhanced 3D Cursor that makes positioning the 3D cursor much easier.
After installing and enabling it there will be a new panel in the properties region.

panel in properties region
That is only part of the addon's power.
Now when you press F10 or simply click and hold the LMB LMB the 3D cursor will snap to your objects' faces. Furthermore if you hold shift the 3D cursor will snap to the center of the faces.

animated gif of moving cursor

After you started moving the 3D cursor you can type in values to move the 3D cursor, using the arrow keys to change the axes fields. (note the 3D view header)
animated gif - changing the values

There are also bookmarks for the location of the 3D cursor.
animated gif - book marks for the 3D cursor

Docs for the addon on the wiki page.


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Python Console

enter image description here

Can enter values into the python console. C is a convenience variable for context. The 3D cursor is C.scene.cursor_location. Using autocomplete Ctrlspace and history . reduces the need for a ton of typing.

>> C.scene.cursor_location
Vector((4.0, 4.0, 4.000024795532227))

>>> C.scene.cursor_location = (0, 0, 0)
>>> C.scene.cursor_location.xy = (4, 4)
>>> C.scene.cursor_location.x += 10
>>> C.scene.cursor_location
Vector((14.0, 4.0, 0.0))

>>> m = Matrix.Rotation(radians(30), 3, (0, 1, 1))
# rotate 30 degrees around axis (0, 1, 1)
>>> C.scene.cursor_location = m * C.scene.cursor_location
>>> C.scene.cursor_location
Vector((10.710140228271484, 8.681798934936523, -4.681799411773682))


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If you want to move the 3D cursor to the center of the scene, press Shift+C.

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If you want to place the 3D cursor at the center of something, lets say is an edge, go to edit mode press w to subdivide, select the created vertex, press shift+s then 'cursor to selected', the same thing with a plane, select the plane, create a loop cut by pressing ctrl+r, select the newly created edge and repeat above process.


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2Not sure that adding new geometry is the right way to go about positioning the 3D cursor. The same can be done by selecting geometry and snapping. – batFINGER – 2018-02-27T05:08:55.430