What market types will be supported at the launch of Augur?



What market types will Augur support at launch? Will it be limited to binary markets with "true" or "false" answers or will there be more resolution options available?


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According to the Augur roadmap from June 2017, the initial release will include:

The ability to create markets: binary (yes/no), scalar (a range of values, i.e. how many iPhones will Apple sell in Q4, how many inches of rain will fall in x location, etc.), and categorical (will it be Trump, Hillary, Johnson, or other?), the ability to trade, and the ability to resolve markets using reporting with both backstops implemented will be in the initial launch.

Binary markets will not be the only option. As described above, more market resolution types will be available right away!

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1At the moment, the codebase treats binary, categorical and scalar the same, so there is no extra code/risk for any of them. – Micah Zoltu – 2017-08-04T16:35:00.320


The format has to be yes/no to be truly successful. It's designed as another tool not a guarantee of the perfect answer. In short it won't do the thinking for the user. AI will do so much but the responsibility still is the of the questioner.

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