Augur and Plasma



As pointed out in Augurs latest Masterplan, the current technology limits the speed of transactions as all transactions will be recorded on the main Ethereum chain. This is not only slow, but also very expensive and so does not scale well.

Augurs long term plan to improve scalability is to have the majority of transactions run off-chain on a blockchain of its own with only final transactions being recorded on the main Ethereum blockchain, i.e. a blockchain within a blockchain. This is exactly what Plasma will enable.

What is Augurs stance on using Plasma to facilitate their long term plan and make their platform more feasible to operate?


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I'd love to use Plasma to enable higher transaction throughput on Augur. It looks like OmiseGO will be the first implementer of it, and after that hopefully the path is more well paved making it easier for Augur to use

Joey Krug

Posted 2017-08-18T17:55:28.697

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