Can a reporting outcome be automated?



Is it possible that a reporting outcome can be set to read from the certain source such as endpoint or output of the app/script after the market closes (optionally to which participants agreed before the participating)?

I'm base my question on the following information:

a resolution source that has the resolution data available long enough after the market closes so that reporters can accurately report on it @Micah


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Yes, automated scoring can be automated but it would come at the expense of centralization. One of the core tenets of Augur is its Oracle system which brings adds security with decentralization and incentives for accurate reporting.

Centralized reporting systems are not always accurate, although they can be efficient. Relying on a centralized resolution data also adds an element of trust (in one party) to market outcomes, that Augur prides itself in avoiding.

Nagu Dalal

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The system fully supports automated reporting by the market creator. Due to the cryptoeconomics of the system, there are strong pressures for the market creator to setup an honest automated reporter. If the market creator cheats during automated reporting, then they will be penalized and the market will be reported on by reporters.

An "automated reporter" in this case is simply an address that the market creator provides at market creation time that can submit the final outcome. They have 3 days (subject to change) after the market is over to submit the outcome and then anyone can dispute the reported outcome for the 3 days (subject to change) following that. If no one disputes, then the outcome is considered final and the market is fully finalized 6 days after the market's end time.

Long term, the belief is that people will create automated market creation/reporting systems that pull data from popular websites such as ESPN and no human is actually involved in market creation. This is why we call this an automated reporter. However, initially its likely that market creators will likely just put themselves down as the reporter and manually report the outcome during the 3 day window. Participants don't really need to trust the market creator, as if the market creator lies the participant can place a dispute bond and profit off of the lie while the market creator will suffer losses for the lie.

Micah Zoltu

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