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13 How did ancient Arabs manage to read without the dots? 2015-07-14T18:36:12.377

13 هل هناك جمل باللغة العربية تقرأ طردا وعكسا على شاكلة "سر فلا كبا بك الفرس" و "دام عُلا العماد" ؟ 2015-07-15T11:52:09.377

11 What is the common way to represent the letters V and P when writing in Arabic? 2015-07-14T18:31:45.717

11 هل كلمة الله كانت موجودة قبل الاسلام 2015-07-21T11:03:56.513

10 Should I type a space after the letter Waw? 2015-07-17T17:44:00.927

9 Why does "مِنْ قَبْلُ" not follow the rules of حروف الجرّ? 2015-07-14T19:01:22.993

9 Is there any difference in meaning between أَنْ لَا and أَلّا? 2015-07-15T21:26:58.633

9 Do all Arabic speaking countries speak the same language? 2015-07-28T04:42:12.527

8 Which words can be either masculine or feminine? 2015-07-17T07:28:41.300

7 When to use لا vs كلّا vs بلى 2015-07-25T16:52:09.757

6 Are there reoccurring patterns in building the plural? 2015-07-14T18:32:16.977

6 How is hamzat al-waṣl pronounced at the beginning of speech? 2015-07-14T18:33:37.280

6 What is the proper translation for the word "Conservation"? 2015-07-14T23:17:36.077

6 Are there any silent letters in Arabic? 2015-07-14T23:54:42.707

6 Is there any verse of poetry that contains all of the Arabic alphabet? 2015-07-15T05:02:43.587

6 When is it OK to refer to females using masculine words? 2015-07-17T13:35:44.230

6 English translation of the key grammatical terms in Arabic 2015-07-17T18:51:40.617

6 ما الفرق بين اذن و اذاً ؟ 2015-07-27T22:42:54.267

5 Why do we consider "أقرَّ اللهُ عينَه" as a good thing to say when أقرَّ means "to force something to stop moving" 2015-07-15T15:35:53.333

5 Preposition fī in combination with pronoun mā: في ما vs. فيما 2015-07-16T12:02:12.977

5 "ما إعراب "يدع" في "ويدع الإنسان بالشر دعاءه بالخير 2015-07-17T11:07:17.260

5 What "school" of grammar is commonly taught? 2015-07-18T00:10:33.527

5 علامات كون الكلمة اسما 2015-07-21T00:04:03.270

5 لماذا كتبت بعض الكلمات في القرآن برسم مختلف عن العادة 2015-07-21T08:59:01.047

5 كيف نفرق بين الفعل اللازم والفعل المتعدي؟ 2015-07-29T21:43:53.327

5 How to translate the mathematics symbol (Phi) 2015-08-24T07:20:41.637

5 Why is the word لله formed as one character? 2015-08-24T21:10:42.140

4 What are the "five nouns" الأسماء الخمسة and what's special about them? 2015-07-15T13:06:15.797

4 What are the verbs that are made of one letter? 2015-07-15T22:01:24.420

4 ما الفرق بين الاصطفاء والاجتباء؟ 2015-07-16T01:30:11.970

4 Are there similar poems to this one by al-Mutanabbi? 2015-07-16T12:51:01.143

4 Why are females referred to in the masculine form in this Qur'anic verse? 2015-07-18T12:14:55.153

4 شرح صحة الوجهين في رتاجَ و رتاجِ 2015-07-27T08:24:47.103

4 هل توجد مترادف لكلمة شجرة؟ 2015-07-29T21:09:19.787

4 Are there any English words that originated from the Arabic language? 2015-08-11T17:45:58.120

4 Is there a use of a semi colon in Arabic language? 2015-08-13T16:20:47.893

4 لم vs لن xx لن أفهمَ لو لم أسألُ 2015-08-13T18:43:43.020

4 لماذا كلمة السماء في صيغة المؤنث في سورة الإنفطار و في صيغة المذكر في سورة المزمل؟ 2015-08-16T14:24:53.130

4 Why is "Abu" part of a woman's name? 2015-08-23T12:25:40.277

4 Adjectives describing an idafah construction? 2015-09-01T15:03:28.190

3 ما الفرق بين `ال` القمرية و `ال` الشمسية ؟ What is the difference between sun letters and moon letters? 2015-07-14T19:00:41.050

3 How does it differ in meaning when a word ends with ـــٌا , ـــًا or ـــٍا? 2015-07-14T20:30:51.243

3 What is the Arabic equivalent for the phrase 'bite me'? 2015-07-14T22:30:54.837

3 Which one is more accurate when talking about Google : جوجل او غوغل 2015-07-14T23:32:09.773

3 Is لغة العربية correct linguistically? 2015-07-15T01:13:10.990

3 What is the primary word for women in Arabic? 2015-07-15T07:18:23.887

3 Is there any difference in the pronunciation between ض and ظ ? 2015-07-15T08:12:11.510

3 How do we translate تَرِبَتْ يَدَاكَ to English? 2015-07-15T15:45:25.380

3 Which words are treated as feminine according to the Arabs? 2015-07-15T16:55:26.377

3 متى يجب إضافة ألف التفريق -التي لا تلفظ- عند نهاية الكلمة؟ 2015-07-15T19:27:13.830